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Many Fleets begin with the infrastructure and resources needed to manage vehicles internally. However as they grow, managing more vehicles becomes its own full-time job. Therefore locating a Fleet Partner is required. Manning Equipment has become a Fleet Partner to many fleets as they expand and rebrand as many have recently. This allows the Fleet to focus on the mission of serving customers.

Manning Equipment listens and asks questions in order to engineer the highest quality, most economical vehicle for what the Fleets goals are. Then Manning Equipment moves forward to build the most efficient vehicle at the very best price to obtain the Fleet Goal of maximizing revenue and efficiency.

This partnership with Fleet is like having another department for Fleet issues without actually hiring new people. The partnership employs the very best in experience and service in order to reach their goals. Manning Equipment offers many services that benefit the Fleet without actually raising the cost of the vehicle. Manning brings expertise in technology, compliance requirements, and regulations, local and federal mandates. Manning also brings green issues to the Fleet. All of this reduces administrative burdens on the Fleet. Manning Equipment also recommends equipment with Safety in mind. Therefore, your vehicle specification may require changes that the Fleet never even thought of.

In the Long Run, Manning Equipment may help the Fleet save money by bringing new efficiencies and strategies to the Fleet vehicle program. Manning Equipment can also identify new ways to implement uniformity in vehicle specifications, branding, and fleet operations.

Transitioning from self-managed to a partnership with Manning Equipment certainly brings changes. It also delivers even more benefits that should go straight to the bottom line.

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