Founder Bill Manning started Manning Enterprises in 1954. Since then Manning has experienced increased growth and assured excellence. Manning Enterprises, Inc. has developed into four major entities; Manning Equipment, Inc., Manning Truck Modification, Inc., Dealers Truck Equipment Inc. and most recently Manning Light Truck Equipment, LLC. Manning’s dedicated and experienced sales and support staffs assure that the needs of our customers are fully met. We offer separate fleet, leasing, government and local sales staffs to guarantee quality with specialized services and support. We furnish the highest quality best engineered and professionally installed equipment in the industry both locally and nationally.

In 1958 Manning established the first “ship-thru” program to further accommodate our national fleet customers. The ship-thru solution is an arrangement between Manning and the (OEM) Ford Motor Company. This arrangement is a “one stop shop” approach offering complete products, uniform installation and prompt truck delivery to meet all your company’s needs. In 1965 Manning introduced the first Modification Center. The Modification Center concept was designed to give customers additional vehicle options that were not available directly from the factory.

Manning was also the first to receive many prestigious industry awards. They were the first to earn the Ford Q1 and the first and only to qualify under the federal government’s QAMA award of self-inspection. Manning was the first in the industry to achieve the Ford MVE award. This award proves Manning meets all the strict quality, design, manufacturing and modification guidelines set by Ford.